Saturday, June 24, 2006

Live music capital, ain't no joke.

We've had a week chock full of music shows! The Greencards were back in town for just one night at a packed show at Threadgill's. They've got some really good new songs that will probably be on the next CD. We won't see them again until the ACL Festival. [frown]. That was on Thursday and we were at Threadgill's until about 1:00 AM, then on Friday I was back at Threadgill's at 8:00 AM for the KGSR Fan Fare all-day charity show. Great lineup, and I have pics on the website, a few of The Greencards on the "various shows" link too. I knew I was going to miss The BoDeans when I left at 1:30, but was too hot, burnt, and tired to stick it out.

On Friday night, we went to a fantastic show at Ruta Maya. It was Warren Hood with Willie Pipkin and Marshall Hood. It was really a perfect little show and hardly advertised at all. In fact, I think practically everyone in the audience (about 30 people maybe?) was told by Warren himself about the show, or maybe found out through word of mouth. It's a great venue, good sound, good vibe, usually low profile and laid-back to the max. We got there 15 minutes before the show started and there were no signs of anything about to take place. Then at about 5 minutes to time, the band and the whole audience seemed to walk in together. Typical!

We are on our way out the door for Raul Malo at the Glenn. I won free tickets. They are general admission and will be behind reserved seats. You know I hate that. Well, the price was right.

Gotta run!

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