Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rodriguez, our own Austin, Texas "Troublemaker"*

Happy Birthday today to local director and filmmaker phenom Robert Rodriquez! Born in 1968, he turns 38 (practically a baby). Here's a picture of him from the 2004 Bruce Willis/Del Castillo/Chingon show at Antone's where I hugged Willis around the waist when he jumped down in the crowd next to me and we all got pelted with Krispy Creme donuts. wheee! You never know what's going to happen at a Chingon show. I've actually met Rodriguez several times. He's very down-to-earth and approachable and it was always a situation where he was in a "meeting-people" event. According to IMDB, Angelina Jolie might be in the next Sin City, so there may be some Austin sightings. *Troublemaker is the name of RR's home film production company. It's in his garage. Not kidding.

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