Sunday, June 11, 2006

I wish you folks at home could see this!

Another really hot day mostly spent working in the AC or shopping for office furniture (and finding nothing suitable!).

This evening, though, the weather was absolutely perfect. A just-right temperature with no jacket needed (jackets in summer here are usually just needed for highly air-conditioned places). We went to a really nice outdoor birthday party with some great guitar music and an almost full moon overhead. When I see that, sometimes I think of Mike Shannon, one of the on-air announcers for the St. Louis Cardinals. Forget Joe Buck or whoever they have now (maybe it is still Shannon?) Mike has quite a personality, and was known for having a couple too many "ice cold Budweisers" and saying some unintentionally funny things to millions of people. Once he was at an away-game, he was commenting on the full moon and how great it looked. He says "I wish you folks back in St. Louis could see this". Shannon is one of the only things I miss about St. Louis.


Anonymous said...

I'm in St. Louis and I'm wondering what kind of bad experience you had here.

Blueberry said...

ee: I have nothing against St. Louis. I lived there for 27 years! Lots of different parts of town and all around the metro area. I moved there right after graduating high school, (it was a move to the "big city" for me) and loved it for a long time but after awhile I just got a sense of not belonging there but not knowing where I did belong. I wanted to leave but had no place to go. I just felt stuck, trapped and frustrated.

It's not just an isolated bad experience. I'm sure that not everybody would love Austin as much as I do, or feel like they belonged here. Someday, my feelings about Austin could change too.