Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World's Tiniest Tomatoes

How about these home grown tomatoes? They are volunteers in the garden from some old seeds, we didn't plant them. They tasted good, even though they don't really count as 3 whole bites. Don't let them kid you about Texas tomatoes... they don't hold a candle to the midwestern kind, not even the best of the best of them. I don't care where Guy Clark is from! He must've been somewhere else when he wrote that song. Alex in the background there, couldn't care less about them. If you've got a green salad though, that's a different story. So two things for the record books: World's smallest tomatoes, and a cat who loves lettuce.

- - -


Ellie said...

OK with that photo I'm just going to have to send you one in August. I'm betting the Big Boy variety I planted will spill over my hand.

Blueberry said...

That's the problem with the really good tomatoes... well, it's the problem if you don't live near them. They don't stay "prime" off the vine long enough to be shipped this far. I haven't found anything in the stores or markets that's up to snuff.

darkolina said...

really small tomatoes, uh?