Sunday, December 24, 2006

Celebrity Deathmatch / Lifematch

Here's a site that will match you up with your best celebrity soulmates. You can pick your preferred gender. Here's my result:

Your best matches
Andy Kaufman 98%
Gerard Joling 96%
Miguel Ferrer 95%
Peter Stormare 94%
Dennis Quaid 94%

Ummm. My top choice died in 1984. Does that matter?
Gerard Joling is a Dutch singer. Never heard of him.

Miguel Ferrer, another actor, looks familiar.
Peter Stomare, actor, I know I've seen him in a bunch of stuff.Now we are talking. Actor (and sometimes musician) with a Grin that's worth a million dollars, Texan, visits Austin a lot. I brushed right past him at the Continental Club once. Even with the beard he was sporting for the movie "The Alamo", it's hard to disguise that grin. He is most memorable for me in the movie "The Right Stuff".

My female choices would have been:
Angela Bassett 98%
Madonna 98%
Jane Seymour 96%
Patricia Heaton 96%
Belinda Carlisle 96%

Good thing I don't prefer women because Patricia Heaton is on my list right now... the shit list.

Found via J-Walk


Michael Bains said...

Peter Stomare?! Yikes!

I saw that guy throwin' people in brush grinder once, so I'd stay away from him if I was you.

Oh, that's right. You gots yer DQ for protection, don't ya.

Took the quiz, but know none of 'em but Renee Zelliwiggler, so figure I'm better off staying celibate for yet another holiday.

Ahhh, well. Back to reality.

Happy Holidays in Gawd's Country, Blueberry!

Nava said...

Yeah, dear ole' Peter Stomare was in Fargo. Not one of the good guys, so be careful, my child...

I took the test.
With the best match being Owen Wilson (C'mon!), and the rest being unknown to me, I'd rather stick with The JohnnyB.

Merry, Happy and full of light Christmas!

Blueberry said...

I think Owen is irresistable... not good looking, but funny.

I'd never want to be hooked up with a celebrity. I'd rather have Mr. B than even Johnny Depp.

Michael Bains said...

Cool! Does that mean J-Depp is still free for me?!

errr... uh, forget that. Was never written. Never said. Nevermind.


Blueberry said...

Plenty of him to go around, MB. [grin]. Got a favorite Depp character? Not sure I can name a favorite, Jack Sparrow, Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands, Cry Baby Walker, the Libertine... I just might pick Agent Sands from Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Nava said...

Y'all can share Johnny Depp.
If anyone, then it's the irresistibly sarcastic Hugh Laurie.

Michael Bains said...

Hugh, huh, Nava? Hhmmm... Heheh!


No pref on which Depp, Blueberry, but Edward S is probably where it started.

Blueberry said...

Hugh Laurie is irresistable! Agreed!

Doesn't anyone want to share my deceased Andy Kaufman?

Nava said...

I'll pass.