Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Documentaries in 2006

I like to do year-end lists. It's as though I have nothing better to do. I'll probably do other best/worst movies, concerts, events, and 2006 people in other postings. This one is just about documentaries we saw. This first batch are politically oriented and often shown at free screenings or in some cases available for download.

Iraq for Sale
Very important and informative. Teaches you some things I'll bet you didn't know about the corporations and private enterprise involved in the war business. Could have been longer, but they get the point across.

America: From Freedom to Fascism
Much more than I expected! It's actually 2 movies in one and I think that weakens it. It's basically about some little known facts about the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Very important stuff! Then in the second half it goes off in many directions so that your head is spinning. You need to have a clear head about some of these things. Also, I think the title of the movie is misleading and sensationalist -- but this is worth seeing.

An Inconvenient Truth
Al Gore as we've never seen him before, and some very important stuff that you need to hear. You know what it's about already.

The next batch is ear and eye candy, a way to visit places that you can't really go.

Neil Young: Heart of Gold
Just a really delightful concert and backstage movie, with a refreshing editing style that's very natural for watching a performer like this.

IMAX Deep Sea 3D
This is the documentary to see at the IMAX in 3-D, or even just rent it, we loved it. Fascinating and the 3-D was sensational. It's a WOW.

IMAX Walking on the Moon in 3D (from 2005, but still may be playing in your IMAX theatre)
Kind of a cool informative show on the lunar space program, mostly for kids. 3-D is just OK but they are working with the old scratchy moon films.

Still plan to see:

Deliver Us from Evil,
Jesus Camp,
Shut Up & Sing


FreakyNick said...

Great list! I love docs. "Nova" has been one of my favorites TV shows for 20+ years.

We have one theatre that shows indy flicks, a week at a time, so we only get the very popular ones, like Al Gore's movie.

I'll be putting the Neil Young Concert in my collection.

I've seen the popular clips for "Jesus Camp", I think I'll skip it. Too many voices in my head start yelling at me when I see movies like that.

Blueberry said...

on Jesus Camp, I grew up in the kind of churches that would have that kind of camp (I started out Baptist, then Pentacostal, Assembly of God, Church of Nazarene, then Jehovah's Witness which would NOT have a camp like that, then on my own I became an evangelical Charismatic which is back to the histrionics and fundamentalism). So glad that I made it through all that and have never felt saner in my life than I do now.

pissed off patricia said...

This comment is about your yesterday post. Last night I started reading it and looking at all the pictures and I forgot to leave a comment. I really did enjoy the pics. Wow, what a great neighborhood. In West Palm a lady let her children make a nativity scene in front of her house. These are just little kids. They used their stuffed animals for the characters. There has already been a complaint about the baby jesus being a stuffed animal. Tight asses in this lady's neighbor hood for sure.

Blueberry said...

Hey PoP! Your blog seems to be set so that I can't leave comments unless I'm anonymous. Very weird, I mean, I know I'm not being blocked intentionally. Whaddup?

Anonymous said...

I LOVED "From Freedom to Facism" - loved it!

Ellie said...

One comment on Neil Young's Heart of Gold, re editing. Yes it was refreshing, but the one scene where the orchestra is coming on stage to perform behind the group was totally left out in favor of a close up of the singer (Diana DeWitt, not EmmyLou) gazing at Neil through the whole song "One of These Days." And I really like that song. Next shot is the orchestra leaving the stage. They missed the boat on that scene. It kind of stuck in my craw.