Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Cats - lining up for the vet

Almost the whole gang went to the vet Thursday! 3 cat carriers, kind of a crazy way to do things, for sure. Jax is fine and just needed vaccinations.

Alex needed a checkup. He is recovered from the overdosing but still has major tummy troubles. He's still losing weight, is down to 6.5 lbs. and holding him is like hugging a little bone. Poor little guy. There he is, right in the middle of the stack.

Duncan needed a checkup, some more blood work, and another x-ray after his lung collapsed last week. The lung is functioning again now which is good, but he gave us a scare last Saturday late. He started walking funny like his back legs weren't working, and we were warned that something like that might mean a blood clot so we rushed him to the emergency vet. It turned out alright though, he started walking normally right away, but we were braced for the worst (and still are).

We've had beautiful weather all week, near 80 degrees, so everybody got to enjoy some open window time. Here's Duncan cozying up to Henry, and you can see the big patch that they shaved last week.

Henry has been acting a little pouty and maybe even grumpy, because he's feeling slighted. He knows that Alex and Duncan are getting canned food, and they have to eat it alone... mostly because Henry would just scarf it all down! And he's already what you might call "robust", maybe "hefty", OK, he's fat. He doesn't have a waistline, but he has a pretty face.

Here's Jax soaking up some sunshine and fresh air. We need a wider ledge, it's obvious.

And here's Duncan again, trying to look artistic in his photo.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos!
Who knew that going to the vet cold be so artistic (especially with Duncan as a model)?!

(It's getting very frustrating to not be able to leave my comments for Beta bloggers with my blog ID and picture, just 'cause I'm Alpha.
Now, that's a cause to fight for!

Anonymous said...

This is Pop from Morning Martini stuck in the beta comment hell

I know what it's like to feed one kind of food to one cat and another to the other two. At one time I had a little cat that was diabetic. She ate only a special kind of canned food while the others got their own kind. She would eat and I would guard her food while giving her a shot. I must admit, I don't miss that rountine.

Have a great weekend!

Steven said...

Cute cats. We've got two ourselves.


Nava said...

Newsflash: Alpha bloggers have a face again!
We are cured - without giving in to assimilation.
I can hardly contain the joy...

If not a mother... said...

I'm glad we're not the only ones who stack our cats in their carriers when it comes to vet time.