Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Cats - Update on Alex and Duncan

We've been on a bad roller coaster ride for a couple of weeks with these kitties. Duncan nearly died from heart failure the day after Thanksgiving. His checkup a week later showed that his kidneys are at failure level, so we are just making sure he's eating, he gets a heart med (propanalol) by ear gel (so no more pills) but the lasix for his heart problem had to be stopped because his kidneys need hydration and lasix is a diuretic. If he's not hydrated, he won't eat, so there we are. A dilemna. Can't fix any of it, neither of the problems were caught early. Here he is at the vet where he is NOT happy (and his mom is not too happy either).

He's been in a good mood at home though. He's purring and even playing a little (not too vigorous). We are enjoying every minute that we get to spend with him. Click on the "Duncan" label at the bottom of the post to read about his recent problems.

Alex would like you all to know that, yes, he has felt and looked better. A week after Duncan got sick, this little guy went in the hospital and we thought we were going to lose him! Click on the "Alex" label at the bottom of the post to bring up his recent misadventures. His recovery from the toxic dosing will be slow, around 2 weeks probably, and we can't be sure he will recover 100%. He is eating, and the plumbing is working fine, but the food just doesn't stick to the old bones that well anymore. That's not from the OD, it's his tummy trouble -- and his old age. (sorry Alex, it's true, you are an old dude). He is feeling a little better each day and is starting to meow a lot just like his old self. Like Duncan, he is getting LOTS of TLC, and pretty much anything he wants... except for leftover salad. Alex loves lettuce, and although he's asking "are you going to finish that?", I doubt he would be interested in that olive... not as food anyway.

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Ptelea said...

Glad to hear the news that they are both home and feeling a little better AND that you are enjoying every minute! That olive does look like a good toy. Great shot of the Alex and Duncan watching - not the t.v.- but the food!

Blueberry said...

Alex would be watching that woman on TV if she had lettuce on her face instead of those big eyelashes. He's a lettuce fiend.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

o, poor Alex 'n Duncan. i am sorry they be so sick. i almost died Thanksgiving week, too, cause of a bad vet.

i wills purr-ray fur ur's recovery.

Anonymous said...

So, so glad they're feeling a tad better. One day at a time, right?

Ellie said...

It's as sad to have geriatric cats as it is to have elderly parents with medical problems. All the same distress in ones life

Blueberry said...

It's like you knew all along that they wouldn't live forever, but at some point that fact stares you in the face.