Thursday, December 07, 2006

Young cons giving Fox News something to talk about.

A story I've been meaning to blog, another example of "young conservatives do the darndest things". Pinkdome has a post on it, including this picture. They are attempting to show a nativity as they conceive it would be made by the ACLU: same sex couple, solstice replacing Christmas*, famous Fascist or Communist "wise men", terrorist shepherd and Nancy Pelosi as angel, and finally... no Jesus (they explain on video that Jesus is a religious guy, so wouldn't be allowed, and besides he's a baby so he would have been aborted). This has been erected on the UT campus. The ACLU's reaction is that the views expressed are an inaccurate perception of them, but they defend the group's right to expression and freedom of speech. I wonder how YCT would like the government telling them they couldn't express their political views without an organization like the ACLU to help them out? Krazy Kids.

Here's the YCT's press release which includes article and video links (CNN and more).

*Helllooo!! McFlyyyy!! Guess which one was celebrated first? And why do you think they picked that day for Christmas? You're supposed to be a college student. Do some homework, and while you're at it, google "mithras".

EDIT: I think they could have cast themselves as "the sheep".

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Undeniable Liberal said...

Wow, I am just speechless. But it IS free speech. That scene should have a Fox "news" logo on it somewhere.

Fernando said...

When do we get to define FOX news?

Blueberry said...

I think we could put up a Faux News Nativity scene. Now how would THAT look?

Blueberry said...

I think Dubya would most certainly get to be the baby.

Sambian said...

FOX con