Monday, December 25, 2006

Movie year 2006

This list is rather skewed, because since I'm not a movie critic, I'm not forced to see stuff I don't think I'll like, such as Phat Girlz. My hub and I have almost the EXACT same taste in movies and TV shows, and that may be a little frightening but it prevents both of us from getting dragged to stuff we don't want to see and don't end up liking.

I already went over documentaries in another post, so here's the rest of the batch, best and worst. As I look over the lists in Oscarwatch, I see there are lots more still on my list to see.

Actor, drama (male): Leonardo DiCaprio, for The Departed or Blood Diamond. He was great in both of them, and he's my pick. Also, supporting Djimon Hounsou in Blood Diamond and Mark Wahlberg in The Departed.

Actor, drama (female): Adriana Barraza, the nanny in Babel. Also Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

Best dramas/action/adventure
The Departed, V for Vendetta, Casino Royale, Babel, Inside Man, Blood Diamond, Apocalypto (a Mel Gibson hurt-fest, but a good story that really puts you back in time)

Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Snakes on a Plane, Slither, Clerks II, Idiocracy, Happy Feet, Over the Hedge, Nacho Libre. Thumbs up for all of these.

My Razzie picks:
Most overrated:
Little Miss Sunshine
It was OK and not crap, the very last bit was funny (**the dancing part**) and it had good characters, but still not high on the list. The general public seemed to just flip over this one. We didn't.

Biggest disappointment:
Superman Returns, seen in IMAX 3-D
Optimum conditions for viewing, but the 3-D was lame, and the rest would have been just a pointless re-hash if they hadn't tried to turn Superman into Jesus Christ. Give me a break. You're crossing the line, pun intended, however weak.

Most over-hyped:
The Da Vinci Code... or "Duh Vinci Code". I really enjoyed the book, but not because it was hard to see what's coming. It's just a good page-turner. There's a lot more mystery in a Harry Potter book. The movie didn't measure up even to the book, except for Ian McKellan who was wonderful.

Dull, except for the eye candy:
Underworld: Evolution
X-Men: Last Stand

Eye candy and/or closure is sometimes reason enough to see something, at least on video. There you go, my shallow opinionated movie roundup for the year 2006. That's all it's worth.


Nava said...

Surprisingly enough, I actually enjoyed the "Da Vinci Code" movie more than i did the book. The book was quite a disappointment, being quite obvious and too long for no real reason.
The movie at least had some favorite actors, all taking the movie way too seriously, but still...
Haven't watched "The Departed" yet. I guess we should.

BBC said...

The cool part in the Da Vinci Code was the lady backing up that little car to make a get away. It's true, the book was much better.

Christmas eve afternoon I watched 'Trading Places', interesting movie with an interesting twist, and some truths.

pissed off patricia said...

This is how out of it I am with movies, I haven't been in a movie house this year. The only video I remember watching was Over the Hedge.

Blueberry said...

Nava, I enjoyed one of the main (non-fiction) books that The Da Vinci Code is based on much better then either book or movie: called "Holy Blood, Holy Grail". The researchers did get hoaxed on the Priori of Sion, and that in itself is fascinating, but there's is lots of other ground covered on the general topic.

BBC, the "bad guy" in that movie who ended up in the ape suit just died this year. I love that movie.