Friday, December 01, 2006

Some local sad news

I have just heard that Pat Cieply, the bassist for Pieces of East, died this past Monday from an illness. This may not mean a lot to most of you, but I know that a few of my readers are Eric Johnson fans or other Austinites. Pat goes back with Eric all the way to Electromagnets, read his diary entry here about the 'magnets, etc. (looks like a deserted part of their website, the picture links are broken but the text is intact). I did the cover art for their first CD, Shadow Box, and we became fans/friends of the band. They were the opening act for Eric's acoustic show at the UU back in 2004, and also shared a gig with him at Stephen Barber's last Day of the Dead concert where Terry Bozzio, Barber and EJ jammed. I saw both of those shows, plus we've gone to see Pieces of East quite a few times as well. I remember being backstage at the UU show when they gave EJ a copy of their CD (with my cover art), and I just felt all kinds of proud for them (and some for me too). Here's a blog entry that I found on them with a nice little sum-up and review of the band. Here's more on the Electromagnets.

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Fernando said...

Condolences. Anything that robs Austin of local talent is a loss to us all.

Anonymous said...

That is sad. Austin is such a mecca for musicians. And the death of one is deeply felt with our wonderful community.