Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wind, Wind, and Fire

A round-up of weird stories, beginning with brussels sprouts being given as a Boxing Day treat to a turtle, and creating cause for (the) alarm! [LINK]
[turtle fart graphic from Bikinicat]

Second wind: a prisoner may get some extra time due to a similar offense. [LINK] I guess it's just cuter when animals do it.

Here's a followup to a story I found through MB. The Swedish Goat from Galve has survived after an attack... so far... but has yet to make it through New Year's. [LINK]


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you're NOT a headline writer? That was HILARIOUS!!!

Nava said...

Heart warming stories about the Brussels sprouts...

Let us all pray, Oh brothers and sistas, that no roasted garlic is planned for New Year's meal neither at Weymouth, Dorset nor Lincoln County Jail.
Safety should be given top priority.

Blueberry said...

I was born to write headlines and think up puns. Trouble is, nobody wants to pay me for that.

Nava said...

All this wind has inpired my blogpost today - and I thank you for that!