Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth's Darkest Hour

So... did you participate in "Earth Hour"? On Saturday night (your time) participants were supposed to turn off the lights for an hour. MrB was pretty big on doing this so we located all the candles and lighters in the house. [news link]

We've got one of those Freeplay flashlights, that you just turn the crank to power it up -- which is the best thing ever. If you are heading off to the fallout shelter or out to your survivalist cabin in Montana, don't forget to take along one of those, along with your crank radio and can opener. Candles are a pain in the butt, especially if you hardly ever use them, as every few minutes one of them is having some problem or another staying lit, I burned up a few dust-bunnies that had formed on the votives, then my fireplace lighter burned out. sheeesh. I am a weenie these days when it comes to roughing it... and I have actually lived without electricity and plumbing for what amounted to several years (that's what you call poor)(and I really think that kids can put up with that situation easier than adults, especially when an adult is taking care of them and doing most of the hard work)... but those days are gone for me. At least I hope they are.

I know that there was an extreme energy savings with this dark wave that moved around the earth, especially when they turn out major city lights on streets and monuments. I'd like to just start conserving some power every day, and then there wouldn't be any need for reading by cranked flashlight once a year.

If you forgot all about "Earth Hour," you can always do it tomorrow. No fair doing while you sleep or while driving around or sitting in the neighborhood bar. ;-)


Friðvin said...

I turned off our lights about 9:30 and didn't turn them on again until about 6:30 this morning. Oh wait, I do that EVERY night. Earth Hour is supposed to be something in addition?


Blueberry said...

I turned them off today between noon and 1:00. Not as dramatic an effect.

Nava said...

Missed it!

Not sure turning off the lights at noon is considered major saving indeed ;-)