Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great free music download

It's called "She Left Me For Jesus" and you can hear it performed live in the video below (the second song he plays). Some GREAT irreverent and funny lyrics from this local singer-songwriter. For (I would assume) a limited time, you can get the studio version of this song free from iTunes, look for the link on this page. Musicians like Hayes are out bustin' their butts night after night, trying to make a living playing music and entertaining us.

She left me for Jesus
And that just ain't fair.
She says that he's perfect.
How could I compare?

She says I should find him
And I'd know peace at last.
If I ever find Jesus
I'm kickin' his ass.

Hayes Carll website

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Th' Rev said...

Wow!That was cool!I'm kickin' his ass-priceless.