Saturday, March 15, 2008

SXSW Day Three (Friday)

Quite a different day than Thursday! After yesterday's debacle with parking downtown, we decided to get Dillo-savvy and did the park-and-ride free Dillo shuttle bus. We couldn't believe we hadn't done it sooner. What a brilliant idea! Oh well, live and learn.

We spent several hours at the Yep Roc party at the Dirty Dog (which used to be held at the Yard Dog -- so it's a whole different Dog) down on 6th Street. It started at noon with free Lone Star beer and BBQ (nothing for us veg-heads to eat but cole slaw, but we didn't need food yet anyway). Really excellent bands, some I'd seen and some I hadn't. Started off with the Iguanas, a favorite from New Orleans. Then a bluegrass band from North Carolina called Chatham County Line.

Next up was Chuck Prophet. We hadn't seen him before but we've heard him a lot on KGSR. Here's what he sounds like:

Liam Finn is the son of Neil Finn (I love Neil Finn) and a member of Crowded House. I heard a lot of his dad in his voice. He put on a wild and energetic set with just enough cowbell!

Our Dirty Dog visit ended up with The Sadies, a kind of an alt-country alt-surf hard-rockabilly band from Ontario. We saw them a few years ago opening for our beloved Jayhawks.

After walking many, many blocks we caught the Dillo back to the car (and just in time as I had begun to get blisters on the soles of my feet), and went over to Maria's Taco Xpress on So. Lamar for the Sin City Party. The name "Sin City" is taken from the Gram Parsons record, and is run by a family friend of his from L.A. A friend of MrB's was expected to meet us there, and if it hadn't been for that we might have left soon after we got there. It was just jam-packed, too loud, and no place to sit where the bands were playing, and my feet advised me not to do any more standing. But things worked out almost magically... he showed up, we went out to the patio, and managed to borrow 3 chairs near the stage... and all in plenty of time for the Mother Truckers! Perfect. Look at this cute picture of Teal as she poses for the camera!

She's got one hell of a voice, and Josh plays some great rockin' guitar! They are California transplants, now known as as an Austin band, and proud of it.

I couldn't resist taking of pic of this adorable pet iguana that someone brought with them. I was told that it was a girl. Don't know exactly what species.

Next up was the Band of Heathens, and the week wouldn't have been complete without seeing these guys, they are a favorite.

So, two short but great sets from local favorites, and nobody held back. Outstanding! We called it a day after that, and went home to our lonely and cranky cats.

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John Good said...

I love the Finn Bros. and the Jayhawks too. =)