Sunday, March 02, 2008

Play MSTie for me

I used a free rental coupon (for a non-new movie) at Blockbuster to rent "The Last Man on Earth" (1964) with Vincent Price. It's the first movie version of the novel "I am Legend." The second movie version is "The Omega Man" with Charlton Heston, and the third is the Will Smith version from last year.

I had read some glowing reviews of The Last Man on Earth, so I rented it not knowing that it was in Public Domain! You can watch the whole thing below, or download it at this site, where you can, apparently, legally download lots of public domain movies in various formats if you so desire. As for Last Man on Earth, we both disagreed with the glowing reviews. The good thing about it is Vincent Price, especially since there is narration in the movie, and you've gotta love his narration. Other than having Vincent Price, we both rated the movie as "MSTable". That means it would have been fodder for MST3K. The vampires were lame and laughable. Omega Man has a much higher cheeez factor, and I would recommend that one over this purely for style.

Thanks to this link you can watch some classic sci-fi, horror, and sword-and-sandals movies without wasting a free rental coupon on it. All that great old stuff you used to see on Friday night and Saturday morning TV, and since MST3K is gone you will have to come up with your own one-liners (unless you get some RiffTrax).

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enigma4ever said...

thanks for the link...we ( 6-6 teenage son) and I are huge Vincent Price fans....( and we love cheesey 50 movies....such a bad habit...and netflix addiction....sigh....)

Good Luck on Tuesday...I will be thinking about you....