Saturday, March 15, 2008

SXSW Day Two (Thursday)

We had every intention of going downtown and trying to catch either Kim Richey or Billy Bragg and Carrie Rodriguez, and did succeed with the "going downtown" part of it. A combination of active construction, day party street closures, normally free lots charging money, and people actually trying to work in their offices (it was a weekday, after all), we had one hell of a frustrating time just driving around, much less finding a nice free parking space. So... we ditched those plans and headed to south Austin.

Click here to see lots more pics or to see any of these bigger.

Started at Opal Divine's Penn Field where we saw Jo Carol Pierce (with Mark Andes) and the Jitterbug Vipers (pictured below):

Then we went over to The Enchanted Forest where they were have a music party and an art fair. We had seen only the edge of this place before, where DaVine Foods is, and maybe a little beyond. We were stunned at how large and beautiful that place was back behind the gates. I would describe it on this day as if Elrond had decided to locate Rivendell in the heart of South Austin and construct it from found objects -- and Vilya, his Ring of Power, could not have conjured up any better weather! Also, it's hard to imagine a LESS-corporate event than this one. Such a relief. Do check out more of these on the photobucket link above. You're not in Kansas anymore:

Oh yes, and there were bands! Pictured below is Buttercup from San Antonio. All the bands we saw were really good. From the UK, there was Hey Negrita, Alabama3, and People in Planes. From Spain there was Jet Lag. From Austin, The Summer Wardrobe and Dustin Welch. We ran into a band we saw Wednesday, Blue Mountain, and got to chat with Cary Hudson, the guitar player. He was there to see his friend Tommy Womack from Nashville, and was right about him -- he is quite a songwriter.

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