Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SXSW music this week

It's here! The biggest music festival in the world, SXSW music. There are maybe 1600 official artist showcases and impossible to determine how many bands without showcases are playing the day/side parties. We don't get wristbands, we found out that there's plenty of free (or reeeally cheap) stuff going on, and every year there are more and more "side" parties. This is the best all-round guide to those that I've found, and here's another listing, but there's not one list that includes them all... not one.

We are probably starting the whole thing tonight. Blogging and visiting other blogs will be light to nearly non-existent until this week is over, so until then we will see you at the Continental Club, Yard Dog's alley, Mother Egan's, Opal Divine's, Enchanted Forest, Maria's Taco Express, or Jo's. I'll be back here maybe on Sunday unless I get a breather.

Shown is Octopus Project, taken last year at Jo's Coffee. She is playing the theramin.

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Mando Mama said...

Oh HOORAY! I hope you're having a ball and I can't wait for all the reviews and photos. One of these years I'm gonna get myself down there for that. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!