Thursday, March 20, 2008

Purrsday Night - March Madness

Not THAT kind of madness! We are just mad, that's all. We're mad and pouty because there was no catblog last week, because our apes were too busy being gone from the house for some festival or something! sheeesh!! We were left alone for more hours a day than is acceptable by cat rules and we did not get in our full hour-by-hour routines... not to mention that the litter pans were only scooped a couple of times a day. Next time this happens, we are going on strike.

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1 comment:

Michael Bains said...

They shoulda been watchin' the Hoops. Some great games were on, eh.

Glad y'all are partying hardy. Even your kid-- err, cats will hold that grudge. ;-}