Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Experience Lying to the American People = Presidential?

I'm sure most of you have seen this bit of fun by now:
news source links: [AP] [CNN] [Sinbad's recollection of the events in Bosnia]

She misspoke. Mistake, or lie?

This particular “misstatement” was described in detail at least 3 times in her recent campaign. It’s quite an elaborate fantasy; snipers, running with their heads down, too dangerous for a welcoming party… clearly, it didn’t happen this way. She described it in such detail, that it was very believable. What I have noticed about people who tell a lot of lies is that they actually believe their own words after awhile. That’s how they are able to continue telling those complete fabrications with a straight face.

Her defense:
"I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day -- so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement."

Today, she has a new defense for the statement:
She told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "I was sleep-deprived, and I misspoke."

She told KDKA radio in Pittsburgh: "You know, I have written about this and described it in many different settings, and I did misspeak the other day. This has been a very long campaign."
Yes it has, and if you can't take the stress of a campaign without having hallucinations, just wait until the real work of the Presidency begins, and the phone starts ringing at 3AM, bringing about even more sleep-deprivation.

I doubt that the latest defense is a valid one anyway, based on other "exaggerations" of events that she's told. There was the "helped bring peace to Northern Ireland" one, that was dismissed by Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former First Minister of the province.

The website factcheck.org (a neutral group not committed to any candidates) has an abbreviated rundown of her claims of experience in foreign relations, compared with the facts. Included are her claims regarding Macedonia, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Rwanda. Clinton also credits herself with a speech that she made in Beijing as part of her experience, but you know what she has repeatedly said about the value of speeches. (so OK... that last one is not a lie, it's just hypocrisy)

Then there's the NAFTA lie:
"I have been a critic of NAFTA from the very beginning."

Paraphrasing from The Nation, "Clinton Lie Kills her Credibility," She held 5 meetings to help win congressional approval for it. In a closed-door session (where she was the featured speaker), ABC News reported that "her remarks were totally pro-NAFTA" and that "there was no equivocation for her support for NAFTA at the time."

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Anonymous said...

Speaking from a mother's perspective, why would Hillary put her daughter in harms way or any war/hostage conditions? And as a mother, had I been in a situation with my daughter such as the one she was supposedly in, it would be very significant. Sleep-deprived, please-she is a LIAR!!

enigma4ever said...

Hey there...
and I even went to her own book- and ALL of it is written there differently-
(1) Bosnia ( Under Ceasefire conditions- which I am is sure WHY she took Chelsea with her)...and even has in it about the part about the little girl and the poem...( and Sinbad and Sheryl Crowe were there- Sinabd gave the first description on Huffpost)

(2) Ireland- Nope- she had tea with 8 women...and threw Christmas lights on with Bill...

etc etc..( Macedonia...same thing..I am now looking through her book for Nafta- actually I have NOT found Anything- that says she fought it....or said Boo about it- she was still linking her Healthcare wounds, and that also is NOT really explained well- as to WHAT went wrong..)

I have tried to not bog negatively about her, or her tactics- BUT this went tooooo far for me.....really crossed the line- I mean we have had 8 years of lies..that is plenty...

Nava said...

I am sleep-deprived myself these days. So, does that entitles me to tell you, with elaborate details, about that time when the purple aliens kidnapped me? I think there were snipers there, too...

enigma4ever said...

Did it happen at 3am? or did the Aliens call at 3am? or maybe it was Sinbad calling to ask where their Food was ? ( that susposedly was his biggest worry- he said)