Sunday, December 16, 2007

Finish The Thought Meme

I've been tagged BACK by kona, and like he did, I'm leaving my matching thoughts in italics.

I Never... let myself get drunk anymore, unlike young drunk women, old drunk women are not tolerated by anyone - intentionally kill anything - show up late for entertainment events, I'd rather not go than be late - go out for New Year's Eve anymore - leave the theater before the credits are finished

I Rarely... trust a weather forecast - trust a TV news report - leave town - go out without MrB - have Republican friends (Libertarian friends, those I have, I just don't agree with them, but that's OK)

I Cry... when a cat dies - during certain films - listening to certain music

I Am Not Always... able to deal with thick crowds that have no central focus, the random milling around makes me feel like I'm in an ant hill - able to put up with other people's channel surfing

I Lose... my nerve when trying to meet new people - sticky notes that I've made to remind me of things - people's phone numbers and snail addys - my due bills

I'm Confused... by people who enjoy killing other creatures - about why we still have the Electoral College - about why we still use Daylight Savings time - by tax forms

I Miss... having few responsibilities - having spare time and wondering how to spend it - having enough money to feel reasonably secure - cats Alex and Duncan - my friend ev (Jeen Lilly) - being able to eat whatever I like - being active in Mensa - my big dreams.

I Need... a steady adequate income, a large lump sum would do - to be trusted - some time off, a vacation or even a sabbatical - a doctor I trust

I Should... become fluent in Spanish - exercise - lose the 15 pounds I gained this last year - pick up a dust rag and mop, and use them - get all this junk (I mean vintage collectibles) on eBay ASAP

I Love... MrB - my cats - this town, Austin - music - watching a band that I know - blogging - pickles - olives - the beach and the waves - sunny dry days with the perfect temperature when you can wear anything you want - simple things that are highly practical and/or functional - going to the movies - feeling that I can speak freely

Tagging: nava, Jazz, enigma


enigma4ever said...

oh this is so lovely....

hmmmmmokay I will do this one...( I have been so bad, and not done any memes in so long...just felt like a lump....but okay..)

(btw sorry about Dan...that was so sad , didn't mean to be the one to tell you..I too had all of his albums...played them until they were no more....Wisteria, Leader of the band, Dancing Shoes, Longer.....on and sad...many hugs)

Jazz said...

oh lordy...I will have to take a bit on this one! an dI have a couple of interesting folks to tag.....

konagod said...

I don't think I'd been over here to read this yet. My mind has been scattered in a million directions lately.