Monday, December 10, 2007

Joey Burns Calexico

No. Not saying someone has committed arson in a California border town.

Happy birthday today to Joey Burns, lead singer, songwriter, guitar player and major driving force for the band Calexico. The band is based in Tuscon Arizona, and their quintessential sound is captured in this offering, The Crystal Frontier. The sound blends the American West with Mexico, and a lot of the songs, this one included, deal with the heartaches of The Border.

This one is more recent, the sound is a little less hot and dusty, the lyrics maybe a bit more political. It's called "Cruel"

The band has done a lot of support collaboration, including Neko Case, and more prominently Iron & Wine, a.k.a. Sam Beam -- who lives not too awfully far down the road in Dripping Springs. You will also hear them all over the soundtrack of that new Dylan movie, "I'm Not There". I'm going to post one more video here, even though it's as much Iron & Wine as it is Calexico... I am just really in love with this song right now. So there you have it. Recorded at KUT radio, Austin, Texas. "He Lays In The Reins"

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lush said...

Hi Blueberry,

I loved this post and linked to it from my blog. I hope you don't mind. And I wanted to share my favorite lyrics from All Systems Red....

more cards in play, following suit
everywhere you look, you only see red
wonder when to call off the race
watching a horse running down its last legs
when you think it couldn't get much worse
the numbers rise on the death toll
and the chimes of freedom flash and fade
only heard from far, far away

The ACL taping of that song was phenomenal. If you ever get a chance, check it out.