Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Keef - kicking ass for 64 years

If you've still got Keith Richards in your Dead Pool, you are likely to be a loser again. Today Keith turns 64 years old. Last year, he had a brush with the bad boy when he fell out of a coconut tree, but it was a mild concussion and before we knew it he was back out there on the road. He's been so resilient that almost seems invincible. Here's a pic I took last year when the band came through Austin.
And here's one taken by my friend (Ross Hamilton) who was standing next to me at the West Palm Beach Festival 1969. Ain't it a beauty? My first Stones show, and with the Austin one last year, one where I had a front rail.

Here's a pretty cool video where an artist does a sketch of Keith to the tune of "You Got The Silver"

Keith's guitar is still on top, but his talking has gone a bit slurry over the years, to say the least. Here's a hilarious bit from YouTube that you will have to click to view because they won't let it be embedded. Rock on Keith, and hope you've got satisfaction at last.

Keith Richards website
Keith wiki

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John Good said...

Shiiiit. . .if I drop dead before ANY of the Stones, I'll be a total loser! =) I'm only 43 and I hurt every day! How in the hell do they do it???

Nava said...

Fell out of a coconut tree at the age of 63? quite a unique place to be in.

Blueberry said...

I remember 3 or 4 years ago I broke my foot, so I was completely helpless for a few weeks, not to mention the pain. Then I saw Keith on TV, playing on stage when he had broken his foot the day before. I need his meds. ;-)

Actually, his meds would kill me.

Anonymous said...

That was totally awesome.

Wanted to marry Keith when I was about 12. Heh.

Thanks for the trip.


Blueberry said...

Cynthia: me too. Keith, Brian Jones, Mick, or John Lennon.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

He doesn't look a day over 99.

Blueberry said...

hey, he looks GREAT for 99!! ;-)