Saturday, December 15, 2007

Crazy crap you can buy online

Well, shopping season is here, and I've run across some truly weird items that you can buy online this week. First is a UFO detector, checks for magnetic and electromagnetic disturbances. There's a basic-looking one, but for the same price you can get one with the fancy case and the crop circle on top, an embellishment that's the equivalent of adding Cheez-Whiz. $65, build it yourself, $95 assembled, and there's another version that's elegant and stylish-looking, suitable for festive occasions or doubling as a sculpture for $250. I would hope that it would fit in your purse as well. I should add that although I take a skeptical view of all UFO reports as well as all other things, but I do, in fact, think there's something out there in the way of extra-terrestrial life... and I've had a sighting myself (a close encounter of the first kind). Another post, another day. Maybe.

Next product is a "Ghost Meter" as it says right there on the case. It's an EMF (electromagnetic frequency) detector, apparently essential for ghost detection, and it detects UFOs as well. There are some other products available, such as a little bag of dirt from the Roswell crash site. I have been to Roswell. My mother used to live there and I still have several relatives there. Also, MrB ended up stranded in Roswell for several hours at none other than the old Army/AF base where they supposedly took the alien bodies (there's a story there that's worth dredging up someday). There's nothing in that town that I want a bag of, unless it's chile peppers. However, I am looking for a bumper sticker that says "I crashed in Roswell". They exist!!! I've seen pictures of them. I may have to make my own. I love Cafepress. You can get yourself a UFO detector or a Ghost Meter at this link.

You can buy these little containers of radioactive stuff, in case you want to test your Geiger Counter or whip up a science project. This one, the Uranium Ore, looks like an old fashioned container of cold cream that grandma used to use. She would have rubbed this on her face in a heartbeat. I guarantee it.

Funny thing, all of the above products are available through (who I am still boycotting because they refuse to stop selling cockfighting and dogfighting mags and videos) BUT I simply have to provide a link to the user comments on this product, which are hilarious!!

Lastly, here's a wallet that looks like a gun holster, and there are lots of options for ways to wear it, whether as shoulder holster, on the hip, etc., and they ALL look like a gun. Let me say this, wearing on your person something that looks like a gun, but isn't, is major league stupid. Don't you always want to cry when someone gets shot because someone else thought they had a gun, but they didn't? Picture this: you are pulled over for speeding. The officer asked to see your license. Even if you try and explain 'officer, I'm reaching into my wallet, which looks like a gun, but it isn't, I promise'... you are going to get fucking shot when you reach for it and it will be considered justifiable circumstances by the powers-that-be. Tragic and stupid... BUT, although I think it's stupid to use that wallet, this company has a lot of VERY COOL STUFF that you should check out. I love those cognac glasses.

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