Thursday, December 06, 2007

Purrsday Night - Legs: He knows how to use them, Part Two

Jax plants his 20 lb. frame firmly in the leg zone. You weren't planning on going anywhere, were you? Gotta brush on ya? Maybe some cheese?

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Ptelea said...

Jax is so cute. He does kind of have that "now that I'm here - what else are you going to do for me" look on his face.

You didn't really have anything else to do, now did you?

whaleshaman said...

he's so beautiful, and i bet his fur feels hot to the touch after lying around in the sun!

chin scritches for jax and henry.

konagod said...

You helped inspire my pussy blog this week, but don't look at it until YouTubes are back up. It never fails when I put up a video, their shit comes crashing down.

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

How can you not love Jax adorable face! Very Handsome boy, and on such a great spot too! Happy Holidays!