Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Late December Plantblogging

I don't really know what these are, saw them out in in front of Book People yesterday and had to take a picture! Looks like some kind of hosta maybe?

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the World's Smallest Tomato!! Just harvested in the backyard yesterday. Yes, it's supposed to be that small. It's a Red Currant Tomato. I blogged them last year without knowing the name of them or why they were so danged small. They grow wild back there, and the plants are still producing. They are delicious tomatoes, but it takes a whole bunch of them to make one bite.

It's been really nice weather here for the most part. Jacket for morning and night but bright sunny sweater weather (60s and 70s) for the short days. Did some heavy-duty yard work (I even helped), taking out some Spanish Bayonets... very appropriately named plants... and some Prickly Pear overgrowth. Only a few pokes and ouches.

Here's some Trailing Lantana that is providing most of the color in the backyard now. This patch is cozied up with a Prickly Pear.

Here's to sunny days and blue skies.


Mando Mama said...

Yo ho Blueberry and happy Dec 25. Sounds like you've been having a good holiday in your yard, enjoying the dirt. Trailing Lantana -- an interesting foil for Hannah Montana? I bet those itty bitty maters are sweet and would make a beautiful relish if you could harvest enough of them.

It's darn near balmy here, too, where I just spent a little over an hour in the park, listening to woodpeckers and watching all kinds of birds enjoy the day. The sun felt warm on my back and the sky is as blue as ever I've seen it on a summer day. Happy Climate Change Christmas, y'all!!

konagod said...

Happy holidays Blueberry!! You did what I'd like to be doing soon.

And by the way, that tomato wasn't much smaller than our beefsteak tomatoes for the past year or so!


PJD said...

Hey BB! Hope you're well. The top photograph is a plant called cyclamen. Member of the primrose family.

enigma4ever said...

ooooops I don't know what happened to my comment...happy holidays...and merry merry...I hope your holidays are wonderful...anyways...

I wanted to thank you for this beautiful post...took my breath away....and gave me a bit of hope...