Friday, December 07, 2007

Survival of the Baddest

I know all the political junkies along the whole spectrum from left to right really thrive on this part of the campaign season. It’s truly up in the air now in both parties, it’s like a big free-for-all catfight: a hair-pulling, eye-scratching, crotch-kicking, mud-slinging fracas. I really don’t enjoy this part. It’s a game called “How Low Can You Go”. The public groveling is very tiresome. One by one they have to demonstrate that they have the correct religion and that they like blowing the hell out of animals with guns, and eat what what's killed in the food factories. Vegetarianism, treehugging, getting health care for everyone... that won’t play. It’s anti-corporate. You can’t be anti-corporate and be The President. Not for letting God run the government, being anti-theocracy? Relying on reason instead? Forget it. The USA is not ready for it. We, as a people, are subordinate to the corporations and the church -- meaning that even if we want to, we can't escape their influence and power over so many things in daily life.

Kucinich on the issues
I really like Kucinich for his views. I don’t even care about the rumors that he would pick Ron Paul for a running mate. He will not have a running mate, IMO, so it doesn’t matter. The ones who manage to emerge from the Big Scrap are the only ones who matter. I will go for Kucinich in the “playoffs” based on issues and his views, and support the bloodied victorious Democrat next November... and hope that person survives the chariot race, the "faulty" voting machines and all the stuff that keeps most people from exercising their right to vote.

And no matter how it turns out, it will mean the end of the Bush administration.


whaleshaman said...

amen, sister!

konagod said...

And we need the end of the Bush administration more than we even need a president at this point.

John Good said...

I like Dennis as well. He makes me wish that we could return to the days of radio campaigns, and actually get elected. People are so effing stupid. . .(sigh)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

We hope it's the end of the Bush junta anyway. I'll believe he's gone when someone else takes the oath of office.