Saturday, December 29, 2007

The value of pie.

I ran across this people database while looking for a listing of famous people who died this year, and it is really loaded with information! It's not entirely "fair and balanced", as Karl Rove's summary is listed as "Turd Blossom" -- so it leans left just the way I like it! Plenty of snark to go around though, no worries there. Among the statistics listed is who dated who -- and I didn't know that Bill Maher had dated Ann Coulter! (Speaking of Bill Maher, check out his 2007 Dickheads of The Year feature here.)

Getting to the point of this post, finally, the site provides a listing of people who are known to have been pied. Interesting list (at the link) which includes William F. Buckley, Eldridge Cleaver, Chuck Colson, Bill Gates, Andy Warhol, Anita Bryant, William Shatner, Edward Teller, William Kristol, Ann Coulter and lots more. In some cases, it's easy to wonder why MORE pies aren't pitched at them. This picture shows our favorite neocon, William Kristol getting it, but good!! Heh, heh... video below.

Unfortunately, Ann Coulter's pie missed, but at least it ran her off the stage in mid-rant.

I leave you with this absolute gem! Anita Bryant's pieing (and her husband's revenge) as covered on the news, and if you enjoyed that you have to click here for the unedited audio that includes ALL the praying that ensued almost instantly after she announces that "at least it was a fruit pie". (you will have to endure a 15 sec. ad preceeding, but it's worth it) I like the fact that they prayed so hard for the perpetrators and professed all that love and forgiveness, then he goes and hits them with a pie in return!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Great post! Thanks for the laughs.

Th' Rev said...

Now that's some funny!