Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bikes and beer circus

Saturday was a beautiful day for the keepin' it weird bike and beer celebration hosted by New Belgium Brewery, Tour de Fat. It's a traveling circus (where most of the circus is you). We got there early for the bike race. I don't ride a bike and MrB is not big on wearing costumes so we were spectators.

The park was a WiFi hotspot, but that was no help to these low-tech terminals.

There was pancake juggling. This guy, fortunately, was better at knife juggling than with this poor pancake, which ended up as grackle food after plopping on the stage several times.

Some kids with a cool dad.

If only it was this easy to stop time, you could make the day last longer.

I captured a bit of the "Carpocalypse" parade on video, but you might want to turn the speakers down at first - it starts off in mid-honk.

All that fresh air and early beers gave us a good nap in the afternoon, and we spent the evening under the stars at the Nutty Brown Cafe watching one of our favorites, The Band of Heathens. And excellent day and weekend.

Tour de Fat

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