Saturday, October 25, 2008

Local color - part 1

First of all, apologies for the lack of a catblog this week. I promise to do better next Friday.

This is a beautiful weekend we are having. We took Friday off (a day off for me is when I work a lot less), started out with a great brunch at Bouldin Creek Coffee House. This is the mural we sat next to. All the food at Bouldin Creek is vegetarian so the menu is pretty easy for us to pick from. I had the blueberry cornbread with agave nectar and scrambled tofu (my sub for eggs, which they do serve).

Then we went over to Planet K on Stassney to pick up a couple of VOTE FOR PROP 2 signs. I took ours to the polling place but there's been a real clearing out of the signs over there. Not sure if Randall's or guerrilla sign pullers are responsible. Planet K is a chain of head shops, each characterized by a painted derelict car which is used as a planter.

Friday night was spent at home, watching Lehrer, Olbermann and Maddow, watching the McCain campaign crumbling (he could still win though. There's no way I'm getting cocky over this).

Saturday morning, we got up really early and got in a loooong line to buy a rain barrel at the special price of $45. One per household, please. Here are a couple of dogs who are about to share a trip home with a barrel. Nobody is strapped in, so I hope all made it home OK.

Next up, a report on "Thrill the World Austin." Looks like this town may have broken the world record with 881 dancers. Mañana. The owls are hooting outside, so it must be bedtime.

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