Sunday, October 26, 2008

Local color - part 2

The Thriller dance was performed simultaneously in cities and towns around the world, and Austin had the highest number of people with 881! The next highest was Gurnee, Illinois with 334, so no other cities even came close! Here's my video (actually taken by MrB). There was a dog sitting next to us, and it was howling throughout, but it really did fit in with the Thriller music. Funny!

Thrill the World Austin from Blueberry on Vimeo.
Here are some pics of the event.

View all as slideshow, but there are much better photo links on the website.

(I couldn't resist a picture of this Rolling Stones' shirted baby)

Later in the evening/afternoon we did not end up at North Loop or even at the Backyard. We rented DVDs and watched one called Immortal. It was laughably bad, but that's OK.


Freida Bee said...

That makes me prouder than just about anything else ever has to be an Austinite.

I heard Will Wynn was in the Michael Jackson role. That's the kind of PR that makes one popular in Austin.

Blueberry said...

Will Wynn was in it. He was not zombie-fied but wearing a tie-dyed Keep Austin Weird shirt with shorts and flip-flops. He knows the dance moves. ;-) He's a cool Mayor.

I am amazed by the number of people who participated here vs. other places. According to the website, 25% of the world's participants were here.

Nava said...

...and that dog has a great sense of rhytm.

Ingrid said...

geez..I am so out of the loop!! never even knew it was going on. But then, we would have been too busy this weekend anyway..
ha..Austin stays weird..phew!


Ingrid said... you think the high number has to do with this being one of the bigger college party towns?/

just wondering..


Blueberry said...

Ingrid (or anyone else who is interested), they will be doing the Thriller zombie march again on Nov. 1 for the Day of the Dead festivities downtown.

The large college population may have something to with it for sure, but the runner-up in dance participants was Gurnee, Illinois. I can't explain that one.