Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Farktastic and more

Well, it's been hard not to focus on this political train wreck. It's obviously been difficult for this man, who is fascinated by Ms. Palin to the point that he has done a nude painting of her to hang in his bar.
"I've been following her religiously," he said Monday at the bar. "I had never heard of her before, like everyone else. I find her bizarrely fascinating, even though I pretty much despise everything she stands for."

The part that makes it Fark-worthy? The fact that his daughter posed for it. [Check it out at the link.]

OK, that's just weird. And here's a toy for you, it's a Palin interview generator. Pretty good, but it's hard to beat the real thing.

Here's a gem for you, it's the MySpace page for "Caribou Barbie." Fun songs, fun links, downloads... [click here]

Watching the debate tomorrow? At home or at a party? I think we are considering the Alamo Drafthouse, where there is sure to be plenty of hooting, hollering, and tasty beverages.

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Mando Mama said...

Oh we are so looking forward to the debate. I will be hanging out with my sistah, gnoshing on pie and bruschetta and wine. I hope Biden doesn't goof up. NOW I think I understand, "Twitter."

Enjoy the show! It will be fun to catch up with everyone's reviews.