Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Debate - Talk to the Crack.

click to enlargeJoe Blows.

Please! At least Joe-Six-Pack is fictional (pretty much). Now we've got a real guy who is being deified and empowered as the "guy whose opinion matters more than yours". They've already done some homework on him, and it turns out that he doesn't make $250,000 or more, not even close (so he would benefit more from Obama's proposed plan than McCain's). Also, he's got a state lien against him for not paying $1,182.98 from nearly 2 years ago... how can you cut someone's taxes who refuses to pay them? This just in... he doesn't even have a license to be a plumber! He thinks he doesn't need one because he works for someone else. Wrong. Plus the guy he works for is not licensed in that county either. So this is Mr Swing Vote? He's just a Republican or Libertarian, and his views are in line with the right wing. That's it. Listen to him here hating Social Security and more right wing rants on immigration and Iraq. Say it ain't so, Joe.

And McCain... what's with all the eye blinking? This must be a nervous tic or something. Anyway, it was creeping me out watching him blink about twice a second. (Really kind of ironically funny since Palin made such a strong statement to Charles Gibson about how "you can't blink".

Then there was Cindy and that hairdo that was straight outta Alfred Hitchcock, giving her that icy-cold elegant and beautiful but _highly_ dysfunctional look that his heroines often had. Between that and his twitchy, scary behavior I am getting the heebee jeebees. Since the McCain campaign is having so much trouble finding theme music*, may I suggest this, on the right?

*just today there's another instance of that, this time Palin has pissed off Jon Bon Jovi by using his song. Bon Jovi just threw a $30,000 per person fundraiser for Obama last month.

And finally, the debate renders this prize of a photo. (It's for real, not photoshopped) Bound to make you crack a smile.


Nava said...

That's a real photo? So many captions come to mind...

Mando Mama said...

OH blue, I SAW that after the debate, but you know how your brain tells you, "No. You didn't really see that. You didn't." But we DID!!!
OH thank you, thank you for the best laff I had this weekend. Seeing that photo even beats the Moose-shooting SNL skit.