Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Dream is Over

Many, many years ago, the Beatles changed my life. I was about 10 when they first hit the States. They seemed like the embodiment of wholesome delight, so funny, so cute, they were ideal pop stars. Music, clothing, social trends... these things seemed to bend to the will and power of The Beatles.

As the years went past, they were found to have all the same types of frailties and shortcomings that all humans have. Well, of course they did. They were, and had been, humans all along. Just regular humans with marital problems, screwed-up personal lives and other issues, who just happened to be worshipped like gods and still are. I spent plenty of time in that denomination myself. I idolized The Beatles for many years, and have found that reading various bios, journals, and other kiss-and-tells more recently has turned them back into humans for me. They really were just a rock and roll band -- a brilliant and inspired bunch of people who turned out masterpieces of modern music.

My own journey through religion and embracing of humanism is similar in some ways. There was an awakening at some point, and I found I could think more clearly. Waking life may be harsher, but I still prefer having endless questions over false answers. I prefer the red pill. John Lennon was an inspired genius with a gift for expression, especially in matters such as these, he was not afraid to speak the unspeakable and clear the air. It was liberating for him, and for us too.

John Lennon was born Oct. 9, 1940.
Sharing a birthday: Sean Ono Lennon, born Oct. 9, 1975. Website (plays music), or Wiki.

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D.Debil said...

All we are saying....

DrDon said...

You've encapsulated my atheism perfectly. I find a lot of believers are uncomfortable about atheism because it means admitting that you don't have all the answers. People seem to hate that but, like you, I'd rather have the questions than the false answers.

Mando Mama said...

Wow, I had no idea that John and Sean were born on the same day.

A lovely post. I loved the Beatles too, still do, sometimes because of their humanity.

And I agree with Don. Except, I love to admit that I don't have all the answers. People don't know what to make of that kind of response but it's true. I only wish it were more comforting for my own "Beautiful Boy," my inquisitive son who has so many cosmic questions.