Monday, September 29, 2008

Parroting For Parody

Too funny, and with a laugh out loud from CNN too. SNL didn't even have to change Palin's words. They were already not-ready-for-prime-time and good to go.


DrDon said...

It's not the interview that's a disaster, it's the candidate that's a disaster. Once again the rest of the world would be laughing at us if we weren't screwing up their lives as well.

Utah Savage said...

All of this would be hilarious if we weren't about to implode. Not it's just scary. The bar is so low for Palin, that if she stays on her feet, doesn't cry, swear, or walk off in a huff, she will be seen as a winner. and god help Binden if he even looks at her funny, he will be seen as condescending or just plain mean. What a clusterfuck.