Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn colors

The Autumnal Equinox is here. We've actually had a cool-down lately, which means we are mostly in the 90s for highs. It's much more pleasant. There were so many butterflies in the front yard, I wanted to get some pictures of them. The one above has a damaged wing.

The one below was a little blurry, so I did a Photoshop filter on it. Nice little political touch to it too. Hoping that there's a lot more BLUE coming in November.


Utah Savage said...

Gorgeous. No butterflies here. We are really getting into autumn and I will soon be posting photos of what it looks like to live at the bottom of a mountain range. We now have nights in the forties, days in the 70's. I hope it lingers.

Ingrid said... must be right on the flight path! great pics and the photoshop turned out really well too!
I will have to fenagle an obama sign from my friend/neighbour across the street. DH just came back from a very short business trip to Chicago so now finally I got my own Obama shirt!
It'll blue up when the time comes. I think the official timing is 30 days before any election right? Not that that matters to a lot of people hehe..