Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun Fundraiser

This video turned out amazingly good. It's the South Austin Jug Band playing live in the background for a fire dancer. I wonder if a fire dancer has ever asked them for a light before?

This is from the fundraising event blogged earlier in the week for Stop Domain Subsidies - an effort to resist the corporate and ugly-growth forces' efforts to turn this place into a Dallas without our permission and on our dime. We couldn't afford anything beyond the small entry fee and taking home a free yard sign, but the art auction did raise some significant cash to help battle these forces before the election.


Border Explorer said...

Now there's something you don't see everyday!

Freida Bee said...

I need to look at your blog more frequently. You know some good happenings. Or, I could also check out the Austinist's posts (that I subscribe to and then rarely read). We so rarely get out. I love seeing your music posts.

Fuck the Domain! I live in Manor city proper, so I won't be able to vote on the prop. I do allall of my commercing in Austin, and our landlord is paying prop. taxes in Austin and Manor, so I feel a little less guilty about using my ex's address to keep my kids in AISD. Oue house actually falls in the Del Valle school district, though we're in Manor technically, and closer to Austin than either Manor or Del Valle.

Hey, let me know if you ever want to coffee at O's on campus. I have classes in RLM, Painter and EJC, all not very far from the Geo bldg.

Blueberry said...

My day job is literally across the street from the Domain (so it's on the north Austin campus), and I have yet to visit it. Can't think of any reason to go there. One guy at the event Saturday had a sign with a pair of whitey-tighties attached to it, and the sign said "$46 underwear purchased at The Domain."

Linda Curtis said...

Hi there. Thanks for talking about this. Bloggers unite to pass Prop 2, to stop the egregious Domain luxury shopping mall subsidies.

Please consider getting our 5 minute mini-documentaries out there to help us counter the big money that's about to be dumped in TV ads to stop Prop 2.

You can help by going to our web page here (the videos are also linked on our front page) and spread the word to all Austin voters -- thanks!

Linda Curtis -