Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pro-death candidate

Defenders of Wildlife has produced this ad about Sarah Palin's promotion of cruel aerial hunting of wolves and other wildlife, even offering a bounty of $150 for delivery of the left foreleg of a wolf.

Dick Cheney in lipstick? Something tells me she could put his cold-heartedness to shame. At least he doesn't disguise his behind a perky personality.

More about this here.


Utah Savage said...

Thanks for posting this. She scares me. I say it everywhere I go and I know of no way to combat her except to hope to hell some reporter looking for a Pulitzer does one hell of an investigative reporting and gets it out in October which is bearing down on us like... Sarah Palin in a helicopter.

DrDon said...

The problem with this ad is that the Republicans will just paint the creators as left-wing, tree hugging nutjob extremists. And the people who like Palin will agree. In fact, when people like something and you force them to defend it, they only become more dogmatic.

konagod said...

Girl friend. We need to hook up for some serious coffee.

Blueberry said...

speaking of coffee, we've gotten some coffee at that liquor store a couple of times. Thanks for the tip! That's a great place and they loooove that coffee grinder.