Monday, September 15, 2008

Punch, Brothers, Punch!

Sunday was our big concert splurge day, because the Punch Brothers were in town for 2 shows at the Cactus. Punch Brothers is Chris Thile's post-Nickel Creek band, and he is without a doubt, the band leader, but all the players are exceptional. Thile's fans are passionately devoted to his music, it's really more in the category of worship, and I am one of those nutty fans (MrB is too. He's just not a fanboy, that's all, doesn't want to go early and hang around late looking for autographs and/or conversation).

I wasn't sure how early the lines would form, so I got there waaay too early. MrB hates that, it drives him nuts, but we just have to work through that situation each time. I am a chronic early bird because of pre-show anxiety... I'd rather just be there and be first in line and have it done. And it was. During soundcheck I thought we were alone in an area of students working on lessons and doing their best to ignore the mandolin - then one came out of the woodwork with a squeeeel OMG IT'S CHRIS THEEELEEE!!! He's my HEEERO!!! OK. The line starts behind me.* :-)

I really do enjoy being around Nickel Creek fans. They are super-nice and nobody cares how old or young you are, or at least they don't show it if they do. Most of my pics were blurred, including these, but flash was out, and the camera blurs in the dark without flash.

Here's a Youtube of this band doing one of Chris's from a few years back. Gorgeous.

We did see lots of friends and acquaintances there, lots of them musicians. Dennis Ludiker and Noah Jeffries (South Austin Jug Band/MiLkDrive) were at 1st show, then they had a MiLkDrive gig to play so they couldn't stay. Warren Hood (Waybacks) sat next to us for 2nd show. He just had his big solo CD release the night before. Sarah Jarosz and her family were there too, and as I kind of expected, she was called up to the stage for the last two numbers. Sarah is a senior in High School, just signed with Sugar Hill Records, and has an upcoming gig opening for Tim O'Brien. How about that? I did record one of the numbers, and that is her Dad taking pictures in it. I hope they turned out better than mine.

After the shows, we did hang around. It was very laid-back, we knew quite a few people there (including Punch guitar player Chris Eldridge) and it felt more like backstage than meet and greet -- so I got to chat with him and also Thile, who was saying what a special city this is to play in because people are actually listening and understand the music (I am paraphrasing). I joked and said "I'll bet you say that to all the cities" but he really meant it. Then he introduced me to Sarah's mom and dad (because we were all in the same conversation) but I said we were old friends, and that we met several years ago waiting in line for Nickel Creek! {true}

I am still buzzing, and it's the only thing getting me through this week, which consists of working day and night, and not much else. Guess I should try and get some sleep now.

Punch, Brothers, Punch -- a short story by Mark Twain

*quote from Tom Petty's character "Lucky" on King of the Hill

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Mando Mama said...

It's kind of hard to be the girl with the lower range in any genre, so I'm always pleased when someone with a voice like SJ's gets some airtime. She is already so well respected as a picker it will be quite interesting to see where she takes her career. Tim will prove a good mentor.

Nice vid, thanks for sharing!!!