Friday, September 05, 2008

One stupid mistake after another

When watching the McCain speech, I was struck by the green screen behind him, and thought "Good grief! What are these people thinking by putting a green backdrop behind him after all the fun that Stephen Colbert had with the last green background? Inviting viewers to "Make McCain Exciting" by taking the footage and making their own video revisions. There have been some brilliant entries, and you'll find more of them here on YouTube than at the Colbert site (a couple are posted at the bottom of the post but do seek out your favorite theme whether it's surfing or Star Trek).

Anyway, showing him against green was not the biggest mistake. AMERICAblog points out that it was supposed to be a picture of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in DC. Instead, it was a huge picture of Walter Reed Middle School in California. The school in the picture has nothing to do with the Medical Center.

A couple of green screen bits of fun. Here's the Pulp Fiction version:

Here's a Simpsons version:


Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

It's not just that they got the photo wrong; it's that no one else at the convention recognized that it was the wrong photo either. None of the Republicans in charge of the RNC know what Walter Reed HOSPITAL looks like from the outside.

Blueberry said...

...or probably from the inside either.

I don't blame McCain for this one, just the COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS who put that wingnut party together.

Ingrid said...

oh my gosh, what a big mistake no..what a blunder!! And hell, I've wouldn't it recognized it myself I just thought, is this one of his houses?? lol

wow..what a blunder!


konagod said...

I am tempted to steal that Pulp Fiction clip for my blog. Or not. While I find it hilarious, because Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite films, it's a bit too edgy even for me.

It literally made my heart skip a beat. Maybe because I'm already paranoid about an assassination attempt.