Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's a Meme without Me? It's still Me.

DivaJood has tagged me!

1. Where was I ten years ago?
In 1998, I was part of an in-house art department for a company whose parent corporation was attempting to sell-off, merge, or both, with another company. I was making twice the salary I make now, but the days of the job's existence were numbered. The new arranged corporate marriage went bad for the home team and our new partner cannibalized us and closed most of our facilities. I was also in full middle-aged crazy mode, going to see the Moody Blues in Vegas, hanging with my other middle-aged crazy buds, and spending money like it was going out of style. (Well, it was)

2. What was on my ToDo list today?
Got up at 5AM. Worked 20 minutes for a client before hitting the commute north, working 5 hours there, grocery stop on the way home. 5 check marks. Now I really should be starting that one project for a client... but will probably put it off and work on my own stuff... and blog. (oops! Forgot about the huge pile of laundry)

3. My favorite number. (2) It's comfy.

4. Five places I've lived.
Athens, Greece
Carterville, Illinois
Honolulu, Hawaii
Austin, Texas
Albuquerque, New Mexico

5. Bad Habits.
Indecisive. (Maybe that's why I like the number 2. It gives me another option to fall back on.) Packratty. Whiny. Bad attitude about exercise.

And lastly: tag five others, and if this is a second tag, ignore it unless you can list 5 MORE places (that's the one I can do), and MORE bad habits, and MORE stuff to do today. If you don't want to play, that's OK too. I, like, totally understand. ;-)

1. Ingrid
2. Mando Mama
3. Dr. Don
4. Nava
5. Depthmarker (Ann & Th' Rev)

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Mando Mama said...

O man, you have lived some cool places. GREECE?!?! Where else?

Working on the meme...sleep's a bad habit of mine.