Sunday, January 25, 2009

...and pets can poop on it

Newspapers are struggling to remain in existence, but it's hard for them to plead their case when (a) the content is anywhere from several hours to a day old and you already got that information on the internet or even on TV, (b) they require cutting trees to create, (c) they cost money, and (d) they create a recycling issue.

Here's an article called "More uses for Newspaper" that appears to be trying to address problem (d).

It offers a long list of valuable uses for your old newspapers, such as drying your shoes on them, cleaning up shards of broken glass with them, making an ironing board out of a pillowcase stuffed with newspapers, and even making a temporary leg splint out of them. All worthy uses for old news if you've got it on hand.

It's a bit ironic that I found this newspaper article written about newspaper in the online version of the newspaper.


ISFP said...

Especially the pets part.

virtual news is fine. but sometimes, specially on Sundays, I need the ink on my fingers to feel it's real

konagod said...

Newspapers clean windows very well. I canceled my Statesman subscription several years ago but have stubbornly clung to the NYT even though I sometimes hate walking to the street to get it, and thoroughly detest hauling it back out there for recycling.

I could save myself some $50+ a month by just dropping it and getting my news online. I really need to get with that program.

Unlike ISFP, I could easily do without the Sunday paper, aside from it being $5, very little of it is current news. Most sections are printed days in advance to fatten it up.

Blueberry said...

Years ago we used to subscribe to the newspaper and I enjoyed reading it over breakfast - but didn't even want the Sunday paper which was just a big wad of ads as far as I was concerned.

They offer deals where if you get the daily, the weekend is free or discounted or whatever, or a deal on just the Sunday. None of them will let you get a subscription *without* the Sunday - where the ad$ are.

We get a Chronicle every week, and I enjoy the Onion, Austin Daze or whatever is in the racks (but those are free). I get some ink on the fingers from those, and get my news elsewhere.

It really IS good for window cleaning, but might be cheaper to buy without all that ink on it. ;-)