Monday, January 19, 2009

Super Duper Tuesday with a cherry on top

Oh man! When I was adding the Bush countdown widget to this post (Mar 5: which I have since deleted since it disappeared), the "1" clicked back to "0" days. So, what are you doing for the inauguration? Did you make the trek and hold vigil in the icy temperatures? Going to a watch party? Like most people, we will be at work. I work the morning at the "day job" (as always), then I have to take Jax over to the animal dermatologist's office (yes, that's right) so that he can be skin-tested for allergies. I went through this same thing not long ago [Histamine Fit] and it was kind of miserable - so I really feel sorry for Jax. On the down side, he doesn't know what's coming, but on the positive side, he isn't dreading it either. Also, they will sedate him for the process so he only needs to put up with the after-effects of having the inflamed skin. Because of the sedation, he will not be allowed to eat after midnight the night before (a gremlin with the opposite feeding instructions), and will be an absolute wreck all morning too. If allergies turn out to be his problem, we will be tasked with giving him allergy shots on a regular basis - a very long-term commitment.

So... instead going out celebrating that night, we will be home baby-sitting our poor itchy cat in his e-collar... and watching our DVR'd TV events from earlier in the day and maybe that new episode of Fringe.

I found a minute-by-minute schedule of Tuesday's events over on DemConWatch (where I found the live feed embed below). DVR is the good way to go because you can just fast-forward through the icky stuff. Looks like the Rev. Rick Warren is only scheduled to take 2 minutes of time ****zzzzap**** and will be followed by Aretha Frankin. Now I love her singing, but seems like every time I see her she's decked out in damned furs. I HATE FUR and hate to see people wearing it. ****zzzzap**** sorry Aretha, and hope you prove me wrong this time. Mainly I am looking forward to these events:
11:54 AM Chief Justice and President-elect Barack Obama move to podium
11:56 AM The Presidential oath is administered.
11:57 AM Herald Trumpets perform "Ruffles and Flourishes" and the U.S. Marine Corp Band plays "Hail to the Chief". Twenty one gun salute.
11:58 AM Senator Feinstein introduces the President
12:01 PM Inaugural address
12:36 PM President and Mrs. Bush depart from the East plaza in helicopter
and not a minute too soon.

EDIT Jan 20: Ah crap, the prev feed embed was from FoxNews, so I switched it out for an MSNBC feed. This one has an ad at the beginning, but it beats watching anything on FoxNews.

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konagod said...

Cats Rule! HA! Love it!

Word verification: Renectum.

a prescription for bowels in distress?

Blueberry said...

Only $19.95, plus S/H. Call in the next 10 minutes and receive a free Snuggie and a book light.

Anonymous said...

You know (sorry to be a wet blanket), I hear everyone talking about the end of 'our long national nightmare', and I keep thinking, "How are we gonna feel in 8 years when the Democrats have failed to undo the damage." Talk about your nightmares...

Blueberry said...

Kvatch, yeah I'm skeptical too, but it's like being rescued from a train wreck in progress. Our immediate demise seems a little less likely, although still possible, and there will long-term damage. If even one or two things gets fixed in 8 years I will be a lot happier.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Lots of work to do, I agree, and it will be hard for people to remain patient if some major improvement does not happen in the first year.
I am home tomorrow, so I get to watch!!