Thursday, January 29, 2009

Purrsday Night - The Feline System

All things revolve around the cats. Catblogging has been a little sporadic around here, and it's time for a status check. Here is Jax above, looking very mysterious while sitting where I don't want him - on the window ledge behind the sink in the kitchen. It's not the ledge that's objectionable, it's the route getting there and back down that's the problem. Anyway, Jax has now started his regimen of allergy shots, and so far, so good... with the shots, that is. We won't know for a *really* long time if the serum in them is doing much good.

Henry, below, is generally hanging in there. He's on a lot of meds for a laundry list of ailments, but pretty stable for now - although I don't think he's gaining any weight like we want him to. In 2 weeks he will be back in for his monthly checkup. Here he is demonstrating that he prefers fluff to the tile floor, but I can't blame him.

Below is a candidate for the cutest wine bottle you ever saw. We found this kitty-shaped bottle of wine at World Market over the holidays. It also came in red. Not sure if they still have it on hand.

And finally, here another installment of "Simon's Cat". This one has been around since July, but maybe it will be new to you. This is sooo much like a combination of Jax and Duncan (who was our other black cat we lost in 2007 to heart problems). More "Simon's Cat" episodes here, and there is even one starring a dog!

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Ellie said...

I really love Simon's Cat. Thanks for finding it and posting it when ever you can.