Friday, January 02, 2009

Post Cards from Nowhere, pt. 3

Isn't she adorable, this bathing beauty at the beach? Captioned "A Water Lilly." The writing on the front says "Come on in the water is great - {illegible - probably sender's name} Troy -" I know it means Troy NY because that's where it was postmarked on January 10, 1905. (that 75¢ was the price I paid for the card many years later). It's addressed to:

Miss Toots Llewellyn
Clifton Springs
Ont. Co. (Ontario County) New York

Now, I think that this must have been a gag card, because New York is not a place to swim in the winter - even bundled up like that. You would need to be a Polar Bear to do that comfortably...

...and speaking of Polar Bears, there are people all over the country (maybe the world) who have a tradition of jumping in the icy water on New Year's Day, and they call themselves Polar Bears. In Austin, I'm not so sure I'd give them the same cred. They jump into Barton Springs Pool, which is a spring fed pool with a constant year-round temperature of 70° (not warm enough for me ever, but that's not the point) and the high temperatures that day ranged between 60° and 70°. Not exactly "polar," not *yet* anyway. In fact, it has been downright pleasant lately. I was sitting outside in flipflops and a light wrap on New Year's Eve (but they were my dressy flipflops)

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