Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snuggies, Not As Seen On TV

Do you want a Snuggie ™? I have gotten Snuggie Spam a couple of times, and have dragged it back into my InBox. The commercials are funny because of the groups of people all sitting around wearing robes of the same color like they are part of some fringe cult or another, particularly the red ones, and deservedly so.

Here's your KKK special:

Here's your Emperor's Red Guard version:

Here's your Masque of the Red Death version:

Obviously they fit anyone:

Here's the J.C. version:

OK, but I still wanted one (maybe not red though). Don't be taken in by the free one though. Shipping for the $19.95 Snuggie (and the book light that you don't want) is $7.95, and if you want the "free" one it will cost another $7.95, and you'll get an extra unwanted book light. ($35.85) If you go this site and like red, you can get 1 Snuggie for $19.96, including shipping. I don't know if it comes with a book light, but the feedback posted there is negative for the Blanket With Sleeves. One person says you can't walk in it and the other one says it's just thin flannel. I am thinking it would provide a good way to gather the dust bunnies from the floor into one convenient location - on your clothes.

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