Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still not allowed to Twitter

Obama's Blackberry - Yes, I thought about that as a better name for Ben & Jerry's new flavor instead of "Yes, Pecan."

They have taken pity on this poor, hopelessly email-addicted President-Elect and decided to let him have a PDA/phone. [source] It's likely to be a General Dynamics Sectera Edge, which is a secure mobile environment portable electronic device (SME-PED) [product overview including a movie showing the thing in action - so check it out if you want to see what a $3,300 phone is like]. I couldn't help but think of Jack Bauer's phone, which is a character all its own on the show 24. That phone that never needs recharging, works in tunnels and elevators, works after being in an explosion... here's a fantasy version of Jack Bauer's phone whipped up by blogs4bauer:

Even without this new toy, I think that Obama's a pretty smart guy, and would never let himself get caught using Yahoo or Gmail for government business like Sarah Palin did. If he had been, The Onion speculated on how his InBox might have looked here.

That Onion is pretty danged funny.

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Freida Bee said...

Has anyone else submitted that flavor idea to B&J's? It's perfect!

Love the Jack Bauer phone! I am showing my Mr. Bee several things on your blog when I get home today.