Friday, January 09, 2009

Furbaby Friday - Henry the Patient

Have not been catblogging as much lately, mostly because Henry has been sick. He is finally finished with the really icky amoxicillan that he had to take for 14 days (for his bladder infection). A whole cc of pink chalky liquid had to be poured down his throat with a syringe, twice a day. This was in addition to his regular continuing meds: prednisone pill twice a day, prozac once a day, and asthma inhaler once a day. He sure has been hating to see me coming, because it was usually with something to poke down his throat.

Henry is 17 years old, and has had a lot of ongoing medical problems. He had an ultrasound recently where they discovered that his bladder stone has doubled in size (not something that's causing immediate problems), but more seriously, he has some growths in his tummy that may or may not be lymphoma. His long-term pred use has been suppressing the symptoms, so we may not know for sure until it makes itself more obvious. Both of those things might be treatable through surgery in a younger kitty, but nobody wants to put Henry through the process at his age.

{sigh} Henry brings the sweetness, he is the best cat ever.

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Riley & Tiki said...

Sending purrs for Henry.

konagod said...

Henry looks very sweet. I'll bet he can purr too.

enigma4ever said...

he looks so sweet...I hope he is doing better...and that he feels better soon ( you are brave lady to give the amoxo twice a day....hope you had help or oven mitts..)

Wildrun said...

Is he on s/d or s/o for his bladder stone? or is he unable to be on a urinary stone diet due to other issues?

He is such a handsome gentleman.

Blueberry said...

as for his diet, he is on ProPlan urinary tract canned food and has been eating that for a long time. The vet hasn't mentioned the s/d, and not sure why. Maybe I can ask about that.