Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Cat - STILL Cute with Bad Habits

Here's Duncan looking typically silly. He likes to dangle his front paws down like that. It looks funny. This cat is 10 years old and gets crazier by the year. Very sweet, but twice as nutty

Here he is enjoying the freshly washed, still unfolded sofa slipcover. We have had to replace it recently with a vinyl version (and THAT gets covered in yet more plastic! The more plastic the better, either that or we need to get a sofa we can just hose down! [grin]) because crazy Duncan is still* peeing or pooping on the sofa during his crazy hour. This is almost daily -- several times a week anyway. He has had to ratchet up the cute factor to make up for it, but he excels at that. He's already christened the new slipcover a couple of times.

*a followup to his blog post about 3 weeks ago. Crazy cat!

Finally, here's scientific proof that cats rule, they enslave us and control our behavior. You know it's true if you are owned by cats. It was only a matter of time before they figured out WHY!

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pissed off patricia said...

Have you tried spraying Fabreeze on your couch. Seems the smell would deter your cat from peeing there. It might be worth a try. :)


I've tried doesn't work!

I have a cat that likes to anoint the chair and bed linen.

Blueberry said...

We are using something called "Feliway" right now, which is cat spray pheremones - supposed to deter spraying - which is not exactly what he's doing. Fabreeze would smell better though! ;-) (especially after he leaves a poop there, heh heh) I might give that a shot. I think we are going to end up going through the whole list of things to try. I also got him an extra litter pan. Anything for the boy! Cats rule... literally.

Blueberry said...

Update: the extra litter pan (placed beside the other one in the laundry room near the sofa) seems to be working, at least it has for several days straight.

Now we have 5 litter pans in one house! You'd think we were running a cat kennel!