Saturday, August 19, 2006

SsssssssssoaP - Just plane fun

The Snakes on a Plane movie was a whole lot of fun, with B-movie hilarity and Sam Jackson just playing his persona (love it!!). Our viewing was actually the final viewing of the Snakes on a Day 24 hour marathon, and I sat next to someone who had been part of that, there were about a dozen people in the audience who were still there from that. The pic is just some people in line with homegrown shirts and stuff. I don't know them but they were nice enough to let me take their picture. The audience was fantastic for this. Of course, lots of them had already seen it multiple times and there was mass chiming in for certain lines which I will not reveal here.

The Alamo Drafthouse has had a special beer made up for the movie, Samuel Jackson Badass Ale, click it and look at the label -- what a hoot. They also put little plastic snakes on everyone's food order. It blended right in with my pizza and wouldn't have even noticed it unless Mr. B had alerted me about finding one in his fries.

Apparently the night before at the first official showing (the 10-midnight), Quentin Tarantino was there with his Grind House/Death Proof cast (Rosario Dawson and more), with a live snake demo - a guy twirling rattlesnakes in his mouth, cobra antics and more. Read all about it at Harry Knowles Ain't It Cool. He's got a great first-hand rundown of the event.

QT has bought a house in Austin, according to a rumor I picked up over on Austin Metroblogs. This is the "house". Nice, huh? Well, he's here pretty often, he might as well have a residence. "Death Proof" is his half of Grind House. Robert Rodriquez (QT's best buddy) directs the other half, which I think is called "Planet Terror". I see that Naveen Andrews (Sayid from TV's Lost) is in this so I wonder if we will see him out club hopping [sigh]. [LINK] [MAP]

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pissed off patricia said...

If these were the old days where you didn't go into the movie house until you had smoked at least one joint, this movie would have so rocked!

I'll check it out when it comes out for rental.

Blueberry said...

A little Badass Ale doesn't hurt either!